Pronova Laboratories takes products from an idea to top of the market

Pronova Laboratories BV (Pronova) develops, registers, produces and markets over-the-counter medical and cosmetic products. All our products are created to have unique benefits with the purpose to enhance people’s lives. Pronova was founded in 1997 when it started with its first product Wartner…

Pronova focuses on development, registration and production of innovative medical and cosmetic products. Marketing and sales of our products is performed through our worldwide distribution network. Through this extensive network we are able to access the market within a short period of time…

Pronova owns a variety of products and works on several extensions of its portfolio. We are operating in different areas of over-the-counter medical and cosmetic products. We recently launched three new products in the area of Vitamin Supplements (Pronofit B12), Veterinary Health  (Furner Skinspray®) and Wart Cryotherapy (Forwarts®).

Innovation is our key to success. Please contact us if you need any information about Pronova Laboratories, our products, our career opportunities or you want to share your innovative idea. We strive to answer your request within 24 hours. Email:

Our products are intended to enhance people’s lives and deliver high value for our distributors